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Darkness on the Jungle Moon
Darkness On The Jungle Moon
“Again!” She commanded as the training droids reset and another flurry of blaster bolts hit the apprentice's lightsaber. He’d deflected every shot that came his way just as he had done countless times before. The master’s voice came once more “Again!” she said firmly. When she witnessed the same result she issued the order to stop. Her student had satisfied her now.
“That’s enough for now, Vural. Meditate on today’s lesson and I’ll catch up with you later.”
The apprentice, a Sith Pureblood teenager named Vural dressed in the customary robes of a padawan bowed his head and made off for the dining hall to get some dinner before his evening meditation. His people were naturally tuned to the dark side of the Force, and being a Jedi had always been especially hard for him.
His master on the other hand, had been summoned by the council. As she walked in the opposite direction of her padawan, her min
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Tache's Bio
First Name: Tache
Last Name: Tsaunin
Age: 15
Height: 5’9
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Father: Ishoam Tsaunin
Mother: Katherine Tsaunin
Status: Active and single
Origin: Ampako
Personality: If Tache could be described in one word, it would be scholar. She is always interested in learning how to do something new, whether it be piloting a starship, or cook food, and spends much of her time in her room or quarters reading books on just about anything. A planet's history and lore are by far her favorite subjects. She would be happy to tell you all about the history of Coruscant and how it became such a huge city, or about the ancient Sith race that settled Korriban. Put her in a library and she would enter a Jedi like trance when she opened her first book.
History: Like the others in her family. Tache was born on the mid-rim world of Ampako, and her father's lucrative career as a doctor allowed her to have a nice childhood. Not a 1000 thread pillow and snooty attitude childh
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Coffee of The Month by Ishoam Coffee of The Month :iconishoam:Ishoam 0 0
Possios' Bio
First Name: Possios
Last Name: Tsaunin
Age: 24
Height: 6’0
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Father: Malcolm Tsaunin
Mother: Theresa Tsaunin
Siblings: Ishoam Tsaunin
Status: Alive, single
Origin: Ampako
Personality: In simple terms, Possios is a friendly girl that does quite a bit of illegal stuff. Ever since she was a child she’s wanted to see the other worlds of the galaxy. The stories she’s heard of Coruscant fascinated her. A whole planet being one city was something she had a hard time imagining, as the cities on Ampako, although large, were few and far between.
Since she’s started her adventures in space, she has never dealed in drugs like Spice or Giggledust as she sees them to be more trouble than they’re worth. Being caught with them can sometimes have… unfortunate consequences tied in with carrying them.
She much rather prefers dealing in legitimate businesses, but she won’t reject a lucrative offer if a planet’s
:iconishoam:Ishoam 1 1
Ishoam's Bio
First Name: Ishoam
Last Name: Tsaunin
Age: 26
Height: 6’2
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Father: Malcolm Tsaunin
Mother: Theresa Tsaunin
Siblings: Possios Tsaunin
Status: Active and Alive
Origin: Ampako
Personality: Ishoam is a very sympathetic person. He takes his work very seriously and will do whatever it might take to save or stabilize a soldier. The mortality rate for jobs he’s done is very low, only 10%.
When he’s not up to his elbows in drugs and wounded people, Ishoam enjoys a nice drink at the cantina with his friends. He has inherited his father’s ability to drink, and can hold his liquor, though he is by no means an alcoholic. The times he can get away from the med bay to relax are few and far between unfortunately, as his current posting is somewhat… active in terms of combat.
He is somewhat untrusting of the Jedi, as the idea of a few people with glowing swords and telekinetic abilities automatically having the rank of Genera
:iconishoam:Ishoam 2 2
Itsy bitsy Spider by Ishoam Itsy bitsy Spider :iconishoam:Ishoam 1 0


Double D the roman by g1bfan Double D the roman :icong1bfan:g1bfan 1 0 Kella Sylventh by Blazbaros Kella Sylventh :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 333 20 RWBY - Weiss Wallpaper by UnknownChaser RWBY - Weiss Wallpaper :iconunknownchaser:UnknownChaser 958 11 Possios Portait by interstrand Possios Portait :iconinterstrand:interstrand 11 7 Caylin in a box by Karbo Caylin in a box :iconkarbo:Karbo 408 98 A Quiet Moment on Endor by Blazbaros A Quiet Moment on Endor :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 658 78 MGS2 Big Shell by Killerx20 MGS2 Big Shell :iconkillerx20:Killerx20 20 10 Octorok by Blazbaros Octorok :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 176 8
RIP Hillary Clinton.
O.M.G. Hillary Clinton just dissed the SUPREME COURT! She. Be. Dead. Close the polls, shut off the lights off its done.
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Poem of Light
Deep down below in the depths of a young man's heart
One day five years ago, one of those heartbeats ignited a spark
A shock of the mind, gave birth to someone so bright
There was now another soul living next to his one, her name revealed to be Light
Her slightly toned skin so pale, with a hint of blue
And her beautiful eyes so green, in them you would see you
But that spark in her eyes, is hidden under her fringe
That long hair a pure darker blue, the colour unlike her skin a lot more than just tinged
A slim figure, that can glow in the darkest parts of the night
Using that innocent smile, but under it is a unrelenting drive to fight
The immense force of her bolts, all flicked from her finger like they carried no weight
And on the back of this woman, her blue gargantuan wings is where her prideful powers originate
A million times faster than sound, as her boastful title can suggest
And if you haven't heard it, she'll declare being The Fastest and Strongest Storm Sprite with a puff of
:iconxxtheultimate39:xXTheUltimate39 4 10
Giant Spider People Charset (RPG Maker) by SpiderMilkshake Giant Spider People Charset (RPG Maker) :iconspidermilkshake:SpiderMilkshake 6 0 Tallbird by TheMageOfMist Tallbird :iconthemageofmist:TheMageOfMist 10 0 Debt to be paid  by ButterflyBlueLady Debt to be paid :iconbutterflybluelady:ButterflyBlueLady 227 44 RWBY - Weiss in Winter's Clothing by theklocko RWBY - Weiss in Winter's Clothing :icontheklocko:theklocko 139 7 RWBY - Ruby in Qrow's Clothes by theklocko RWBY - Ruby in Qrow's Clothes :icontheklocko:theklocko 206 9 Tatooine: Mos Haufa by Araknophobia Tatooine: Mos Haufa :iconaraknophobia:Araknophobia 51 8
So :iconjateshi: is doing a Kiriban for 123,456 page views. You should all totally Watch her and leave a comment on her artworks.


Name: *classified*
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a young man that enjoys fantasy, science fiction, online gaming, and roleplaying. I'm a bit of a gamer, and I'm proud.

I enjoy writing. It frees the soul and allows expression through imagery and storytelling. I usually write fanfics or stories with my characters that I roleplay with.

While the process is a bit slow-going, I've been told by my family that my writings are "college level", but I don't know.

(will fill more out later)


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